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Shaded Pole Motor 82 Series
Shaded Pole Motor 82 Series

Shaded Pole Motor 82 Series

Product ID : 82 Series
Product Tags : Shaded pole motor
Product Attributes :

Shaded pole motor used in refrigerator YJ82

Product Description

Shade pole motor
Major used on refrigerator,etc.
Main applications:
82 series single-phase shading-pole electronic asynchronous motors are major used on refrigerating cabinets, refrigeration and storage systems, drying machines, welding machines, etc.Other specifications:
1. The rotating direction: clockwise, counterclockwise.
2. The working standard: continuous.
3. Winding insulation: A . E . B . F . H
4. The main capability of motors can be designed by the voltage of users and the actual load. The length of shaft can be designed in accordance with user's requirements including whorl, ribbonfil, etc. In accordance with user's requirements, the winding can be sealed by ABS plastic, epoxy, etc.
5. We have more than 90 kinds of casting aluminum brackets and reinforced nylon brackets which can match with different shafts , we also can design the other bracket in accordance with  user's requirements.

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